The non-profit Malibu Film Foundation was organized in 1997 by disabled filmmaker David Katz with the mission of supporting other emerging filmmakers by providing production services, grants, and by showcasing their films in competition at the annual Malibu Film Festival ® each awards season.

Malibu Film Festival ® is a premier showcase for U.S. and international independent film, held annually in and around Malibu, CA. Malibu Film Festival screens new, innovative and compelling films and provides programming that values short filmmakers and significantly highlights short films. 

Malibu Film Festival films are screened in a theatrical setting. Malibu Film Festival presents, supports and promotes short film screenings and other events involving short films. Malibu presents an generous number of winning, honorable mention and finalist films. Malibu Film Festival jury uses a consistent and rigorous process of culling entrants. The jury is composed of filmmakers actively involved in making films including members of the DGA, SAG, WGA and IA unions. Malibu Film Festival is a program of the Malibu Film Foundation. 

Malibu Film Foundation also manages XOLO (xolo.org) an animal sanctuary located in Angeles National Forest with a focus on rescuing horses and the Mexican hairless dog breed, Xoloitzcuintli.

Malibu Film Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts and educational organization. 

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