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Through the lens of a late 1960s visual feast, "Velma" takes us on a psychological journey with the title character that examines sexuality, shame, and our societal views of both.

Director Biography - Scarlet Moreno


Scarlet Moreno is a director and actor based in Los Angeles. She was one of five first time feature filmmakers chosen by Robert Rodriguez to be on his show, “Rebel Without a Crew,” a docuseries following the filmmakers as they attempt to make their first features in the way he made his first feature, ​El Mariachi​: in two weeks, with only $7000. Scarlet is a bilingual artist who grew up in Laredo, TX on the border of Mexico, then attended TISCH School of the Arts to attain her BFA in Acting & Journalism. She then moved to Los Angeles to pursue her wildest dreams.

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