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Sea of Fire

Francesca Gabbiani - Director

Known for her monumental works on paper utilizing dense layers of cut paper, ink, gouache, and acrylic, Francesca Gabbiani brings the ecological discourse of her fine art practice into the medium of filmmaking. Gabbiani’s approximately 7 minute short film “Sea of Fire” explores nature’s cycle of destruction and rebirth and portrays nature’s resilience and the impact of urbanization. Reminiscent of settings in dystopian novels, such as Octavia Butler’s prophetic, Parable of the Sower, Gabbiani’s philosophical approach depicts humanity secondary to Mother Nature. The film incorporates in camera cut paper animations, marionette and shadow puppetry, documentary style footage of Malibu surf champion, Frankie Harrer, as well as the Woolsey, Paramount Ranch, and Point Reyes wildfires, among others. Gabbiani’s film alludes to a climate related reckoning, not dissimilar from the political revolutions, upheavals, and other great awakenings currently taking place within society.

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