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2021 MALIBU FILM FESTIVAL powered by

Now everyone can attend the Malibu Film Festival online to watch and vote on your favorite indy features, shorts and docs from local, national and international filmmakers. We designed a safe and accessible Festival where our audiences and artists can come together to celebrate and discover new work. Subscribe today to show your support for Malibu Film Festival and to help shape emerging filmmaker’s careers and history with your vote.


The Malibu Film Festival Awards voting period ends on June 29th on MalibuFlix. To attend the Malibu Film Festival, simply click the subscribe button, then watch and vote.  The 2021 Malibu Film Festival Award winners will be announced June 30th on 

After the 2021 Malibu Film Festival, the MalibuFlix streaming platform plans to expand it’s content library year-round to include past, present and future Malibu Film Festival films, new podcasts, new and original content with a primary focus on showcasing projects from Malibu filmmakers.  Our goal with MalibuFlix is offer the Malibu community it’s own streaming platform and encourage all Malibu residents to actively participate and show their charitable support for Malibu Film Festival by subscribing for $5.99 a month or 59.99 per year. Subscription fees may be tax deductible. 

Malibu Film Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit arts and education organization founded in 1997 to produce the Malibu Film Festival and is the owner of MalibuFlix. Malibu Film Foundation organizers are asking for community support from Malibu residents and corporate sponsors to continue our mission to support the arts by providing a platform to showcase emerging artist’s work. 










1. CLICK on VOTE link located in upper nav bar of to access Awards Ballot;


2. EMAIL VERIFICATION: On Awards Ballot, input the email address registered with MalibuFlix for your vote to be counted.  


3. VOTE on 1 film per category on 1 or more categories. Only 1 ballot accepted for each MalibuFlix user account.


4. EMAIL CONFIRMATION: An email will automatically be sent confirming your ballot was received.



June 29th @6:00 PM PST




June 30th on MalibuFlix

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