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CLiMB is a comic animated sci-fi short about modern art and the quest for its appreciation.

After spectacularly crashing out of her day job, Maggie, a low-cost, Tenzing model mountain droid, sets out on a journey back to her roots. In her AI, despite extended database and somewhat limited vocabulary, she was built to climb. Guided by Blue, a rather playful Morpho butterfly in a surreal landscape, Maggie discovers for herself some of the pillars of 20th century modern art and architecture, along with the pitfalls of the butterfly effect. Will she find her true calling and become a full-time modern art lover along the way?

In the spirit of absurdist fiction, CLiMB also pays homage to classic Looney Tunes themes and characters, along with lots of music and a comic book graphic style.

Director - Ivo Venkov

Ivo Venkov is an artist, filmmaker and musician. Putting his own “artspace continuum” theory to the test, he is the author of artworks in multiple media - from spatial to temporal arts, and in between.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, he relocated to the US in 1987. A few years later, he founded the multi disciplinary art collaborative PAAstudio in Santa Monica, CA. His works are present in museum and private collections, and PAAstudio has a number of national and international publications and awards.

Besides art, architecture and music, he has produced several animation shorts, including CLIMB (2022), SLIGHTLY SUPREMATIC (2020), DREAMER (2021) and FLUTTER (2017). He has written and directed the first two. Ivo was also the author and producer of the underground rock opera The Good Knight’s Sleep (1983) in his native country. He resides and works in Pacific Palisades, CA.

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