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Proceeds from Malibu International Film Festival benefit the Malibu Film Foundation's animal rescue headquartered in the Angeles National Forest.

Since 2010 Malibu Film Foundation has dedicated resources to equine and canine rescue with a focus on the near extinct Xoloitzcuintli, a natural treasure in Mexico and a traditional favorite in the World's Ugliest Dog contest.

Please consider making a donation to support our animal rescue efforts. A receipt can be provided for tax deduction purposes. 

Donations Needed:  
  • High quality "grain-free" food (Diamond,  Solid Gold, Canidae, Taste of the Wild)

  • Leashes, collars and harnesses

  • Dog toys

  • Food and water dishes

  • Pet carriers

  • Dogs chews

  • Dog beds

  • Dog blankets

Send cash and in-kind pet product donations to:


Malibu Film Foundation

PO Box 4339 

Los Angeles, CA 91041

For more information please howl at us at


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